Life in Ice

Exploring for life in deep ice on Earth and the Ocean Worlds of our Solar System. Presented by Mike Malaska Deep glacial ice is one of the most extreme environments on Earth, and yet life can survive. Without sunlight, in sub-freezing temperatures. What kinds of things live there? How do they survive? How do we

2019 Australian Small Business Champion Award

NATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS CHAMPION! One Giant Leap Australia from South Windsor has been named Champion Educational Services at the Australian Small Business Champion Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony held on Saturday 61h April at The Star – Sydney, with over 1,100 guests in attendance. The Australian Small Business Champion Awards is the only national recognition

Space Camp 2018 – Day 3 at Disneyland!!!

A short walk and we were through the gates into Disneyland. Everyone split up and spent the entire day in the Wonderland World of Disney. Rides, characters, entertainment, shops, rides, characters, entertainment and shops filled everyone’s day. Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mad Hatters Tea Party and, of

Space Camp 2018 – Day 1 in LA

Big 35 hr day today/yesterday. We arrived in LA before we left Sydney! Breakfast at Denny’s for one group then on to Northrop Grumman, presentation by Space X and dinner at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Factory. Both kids and adults are shattered and off to bed early for a big day at the Californian Science centre

Why Huntsville?

Huntsville Alabama used to be the ‘watercress capital’. It is now Rocket City. Australian companies are now starting to open there! It used to be number 10 on this list. Now it is number 1. The top STEM City – read this and you will understand why we have been taking Australians to Huntsville since

Australian Scout Jamboree

We had a great opportunity this January to have a stand at the Australian Scout Jamboree. This is the same as your Boy Scouts in the USA, with one exception; we have both boys and girls in our scouting movement. This Jamboree is only held once every three years and circulates through three different locations

Space Camp 2016 was a HUGE success!

On July 8-15, Space Camp hosted our annual International Space Camp week, and this year we had more than 15 countries attend. The U.S. Teachers of the Year from U.S. territories and all 50 states also attended. International educators participated in a comprehensive program to promote interest in space science and exploration as well as