Well – we have finally arrived at Space Camp.

The adventure started at 3:15 am with a wake-up call and then the first 23 intrepid travelers were gathered together for their departure on the 3:45 am bus. Next came the 5:15 am then the 5:30 am wake up calls.

4 Buses in all and 8 fights stopping in Houston and Dallas on our way to Huntsville.
I am on the last flight and we are pretty tired but excited. I know what the others will be doing – looking in awe at the shuttle and taking pictures with their mouths open. This is the reason we are over here – to inspire everyone and develop skills for the future – regardless of age.

The whole team is now complete with 123 participants (we have increased out team numbers by one – Deb Brice is joining us from San Diego in the teacher team. She is a distinguished educator who we brought out with the JPL scientists this year.

These fights have been very quiet as everyone is sleeping and exhausted from the pace of the last
few days.

Posting to the website, blog, and Facebook will be more consistent from now on as we are stationed
in ‘Chaperone Corner’ (the cafeteria). This is the part I really look forward to. So watch this space!

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