One Giant Leap Team

The team at One Giant Leap Australia is highly experienced and experts in their fields. Their knowledge and expertise is contributing to the development of a highly successful and diverse STEM education company.

Jackie Carpenter


Jackie has a diverse and long-standing background in education with firsthand experience working with school children.

She was a school teacher for 25 years and later worked in the Department of Education analysing the NSW school curriculum and how it corresponds with student learning.

Jackie’s passion for STEM is imbedded into the broader goals of One Giant Leap Australia; preparing young Australians for the opportunities of the future, enhancing teacher skills today for more capable students tomorrow, and doing what is needed to ensure there are new jobs.

Professor Gregory Chamitoff

Our Patron

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Dr. Greg Chamitoff served as a NASA Astronaut for 15 years, including two Shuttle Missions and a long duration International Space Station Mission as part of Expedition 17 and 18. He has lived and worked in Space for almost 200 days as a Flight Engineer, Science Officer, and Mission Specialist. His last mission was on the final flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour, during which he performed two spacewalks, the last of which completed the assembly of the Space Station and was the final spacewalk of the Space Shuttle program. Dr. Chamitoff serves as Professor of Practice in Aerospace Engineering and Director of the AeroSpace Technology Research & Operations (ASTRO) Center at Texas A&M University.

Bob Carpenter


Bob has a diverse background in the defence and aviation sectors and has facilitated training in the defence aviation sector.

In these roles, Bob has recognised that often students do not have the practical experience to apply what they have learnt in a classroom and that the education system should be supplemented with more hands-on learning.

He recognises that industry has a role to play in educating this future workforce and to inform the education sector of what type of outcomes are required for these new occupations.