One Giant Leap Australia is a young, agile and innovative business that constantly and continually strives to meet its mission of Investing in Tomorrow Today.


One Giant Leap Australia realises that for Australia to reach its full potential in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), we need to ensure we are developing a future workforce equipped with the diverse and dynamic set of skills that will meet the needs of employers in these developing and innovative industries.

Building and maintaining student interest and aspiration in STEM cannot be achieved by schools alone. Parents and the broader community, industry, all levels of governments and the tertiary education sector are all key stakeholders in working towards achieving a strong STEM sector in Australia. In recognition of this, One Giant Leap Australia has forged strong working relationships and partnerships with a range of educational institutions and providers; local, state and national government agencies; STEM-based companies; aeronautical and astronomical researchers and scientists and other community-based organisations.


We create unique, immersive learning experiences to develop and enhance mathematical, scientific and technological literacy, as well as the critical skills of problem solving, critical analysis and creative thinking needed to thrive in the working environment now and in the future.

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The University of Sydney
Education Technology Solutions
UNSW Sydney
Space Association of Australia Inc
Macarthur Astronomical Society
Vintage FM
Northrop Grumman
Fox Strategic
Space Industry Association of Australia
Aviation Aerospace Australia
Equatorial Launch Australia
University of Technology Sydney