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NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft finally phones home after 5 months of no contact

NASA’s interstellar explorer Voyager 1 is finally communicating with ground control in an understandable way again. On Saturday (April 20), Voyager 1 updated ground control about its health status for the first time in 5 months. While the Voyager 1 spacecraft still isn’t sending valid science data back to Earth, it is now returning usable information about the health and operating status of its onboard engineering systems. 


Unforgiving Failures: the challenges of upper stages

Three days before Christmas, an Alpha rocket built by Firefly Aerospace lifted off from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. The initial phases of the flight appeared to go as expected, placing the upper stage and its satellite payload, a Lockheed Martin technology demonstration satellite called Tantrum, into a parking orbit. All that was left, Firefly said as it wrapped up its launch webcast, was a second burn of the upper stage about 40 minutes later to circularize the orbit.


FAA to require reentry vehicles licensed before launch

Varda Space Industries completed its first mission by landing its capsule in Utah Feb. 21, returning pharmaceuticals produced in microgravity. Credit: Varda Space Industries/John Kraus Updated 3:15 p.m. Eastern with Varda statement. WASHINGTON — The Federal Aviation Administration is revising its licensing regulations to prevent a repeat of a situation last year where a spacecraft