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NASA can’t open its OSIRIS-REx asteroid capsule yet, but the outside alone holds more than enough samples

Sept. 24 was a big day for NASA, when an orange-and-white capsule containing pieces of an asteroid landed on Earth, charred from its ultrahigh-speed fall through our atmosphere. The asteroid in question, named Bennu, is thought to have been roaming space since the early days of our solar system — meaning these samples could reveal to us what our cosmic neighborhood looked like way before we got here.


Curiosity rover discovers new evidence Mars once had ‘right conditions’ for life

A team of researchers examining data collected by NASA’s Curiosity rover at Gale crater, a large impact basin on the Martian surface, discovered further evidence that rivers once flowed across the Red Planet, perhaps more widespread than was previously thought. “We’re finding evidence that Mars was likely a planet of rivers,” said geoscientist Benjamin Cardenas of Penn State University and lead author of the research in a statement.


Navigating the 3rd Wave of the New Space economy

Charting a course in a new market is challenging. Understanding the prevailing dynamics can help. While the New Space economy is certainly a place of rapid change, there are features that — if understood — can help investors and companies maximize prospects for success. An important insight is that the New Space economy has evolved in a series of successive waves that differ in important respects, including the way private capital is deployed, the locus of market activity, and key success factors. Viewed in this light, the market has rapidly progressed through two waves and is now entering into a third. Succeeding in this new phase of the market requires understanding how it has developed and where it is now heading.