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The next space frontier: your backyard

Once upon a time, space was a business of two superpowers. Since the end of the Apollo era, a growing number of state and non-state actors have joined the club, with commercial space recently driving much of the expansion of space activities.


Getting real about space business models

Innovation is happening in space. There is an exciting profusion of new ideas, companies, and funding in the space market. At the same time, we are also seeing pressures as investors seek to better understand their likely returns, driving more rigorous examination of space business models.


Designing a drone that can search for life on other planets

More than 600 miles north of the Arctic Circle is a small island called Devon, home to the Haughton impact crater. Haughton is a cold, dry and windy Arctic desert that is nearly always light in the summer and always dark in the winter. Its average temperature over the year is 1 degree Fahrenheit (minus 17 degrees Celsius).