Included is:

– ISS-Above software preinstalled.

– Raspberry Pi with in-built WiFi (2.4Ghz only) in its own transparent case, with power supply.

– PiGlow flashing RGB LED display – lets you know when the Space Station is approaching.

– Quick-Start guide.

– Web based setup and management of your ISS-Above.

– ISS-ABOVE is delivered by Australia Post.



The ISS-ABOVE tracks the International Space Station and displays information screens and live video from the external cameras on the ISS.

ISS-ABOVE comes with Raspberry Pi, SD card with ISS-ABOVE software, PiGlow LED lights, inbuilt WiFi, and power supply.

Requires a TV or Monitor (with an HDMI port), You will also need an HDMI cable to connect your ISS-Above to your TV/Monitor. Finally, an ethernet cable is required for a wired internet connection for the initial setup (once you have configured your wifi you can disconnect from the wired ethernet).

Included are full instructions for initial set up, location, and other settings, switching over to Wifi, ISS-ABOVE screens, and how to power off if necessary.

The perfect gift for space nuts, children, schools or offices

Featuring fascinating informational screens and live HD video of the Earth from the International Space Station

Amaze family and friends and inspire your children with stunning views from space and educational information about the Space Station, just plug the ISS-Above into your TV.

Connect the ISS-Above to your router and an HDMI TV – simple as that

You’ll be surprised how often the Space Station is nearby – run outside and see it pass overhead

Automatically Tweet a message to NASA with each close pass.

Get to know which astronauts are up there

Find out fascinating detail about the Space Station’s orbit, speed and position in the sky

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 7 cm