The Winchester School

The Winchester School is an International School teaching the English National Curriculum. The school has around 4200 children from over 84 countries since September 2003. The school is approved and recognized by the Cambridge International Examination Board and prepares students for IGCSE Examination at the end of Year 11 and A levels for Year 13 in addition to BTEC for years 12 and 13. English is the medium of instruction in the school.

As a GEMS Education school, our foundation of learning is based on GEMS’ four core concepts of:

Always Learning
One Team

These foundational concepts enrich our curriculum and provide our students with an approach to learning that goes beyond basic memorisation of facts, by teaching our students how to be educated human beings who are knowledgeable in life and how to apply knowledge in the real world. We are the school where ‘Every Child Matters’.