Key Adviser

Duncan Challen



Duncan Challen has extensive experience in senior executive positions in both Government and the Private Sector. He is an industry focused executive with commercial acumen and demonstrated success in growing global industries, brokering collaborations between industry, government, universities, research institutions, start-ups and investors that create material and globally scalable commercial outcomes.


Duncan has unique cross-sectorial expertise and networks that are fundamental to access new global commercial market opportunities and supply chains that are being shaped by automation, artificial intelligence, internet of things, space, and the cyber-physical domain.Duncan has extensive international trade and investment experience, having led the NSW Governments International Investment and Export organisations across 10 counties. In his most recent role in the Department of Industry, Duncan has been leading the development of NSW’s priority industries in the economy.

Previous Roles

Previous to his roles in government, Duncan has significant private sector commercial expertise in building and managing sales and marketing businesses across Asia.

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