Once in a lifetime experience

Travel to Space Camp and have one of the best experiences of your life


“Space Camp was one of the most life changing and best experiences of my life, I have so many memories I will never forget”


“Space Camp is an opportunity for young people to experience what their role models, their idols, the people who have taken the career path that the children hope to follow, have experienced.”


“Space Camp has taught me to never give up on my dreams, never stop trying and go for what ever challenges that may come my way”​

A Life Changing Experience

“I would love for all students, teachers, educators and the ‘powers that be’, to invest themselves in programs like this, because its value is truly immeasurable. Space Camp has given me a clear pathway to my future and an insight to the possibilities!” – Emily (Student Ambassador)

Unforgettable Memories

Space Camp is an unforgettable learning experience where you will get the chance to make memories that will last a lifetime.

immersive learning experiences

At One Giant Leap Australia, we believe in learning through practical experiences. Join us on Space Camp to experience what it’s like to work in Space and Aviation. 

travel to space camp

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