A Tribute to Tom Nolan

Look at life!

I met Tom Nolan in the first half of 2017. It was from that point on that I knew we would be friends for life. What an adventure it has been!

Tom swapped ocean going ships to spaceships more than 20 years ago. Amongst other things, he has been recognised for his STEM outreach work by being awarded the 2019 Bruce Murray Award. In my opinion, he really should have received the Nobel Peace Prize and be blessed by the Pope.

On Tom’s Facebook page he recently posted this quote: “I choose to think that I am born with obligations to serve past, present and future generations, and the planet herself.” Tom spent his life in service to others. His life made a difference to thousands and thousands of people. I am sure there is a star shining so much more brightly as it is Tom looking at us from a higher place. He was more than a star to us. He is irreplaceable – a remarkable person who could never be replaced.

Tom taught me many things. The most important lessons:


Be the best we can be. Believe in yourself. Have faith. Do not ever give up. If you pursue and persist you will achieve great things. Failure is knowledge you are learning but it is a temporary setback. We have to endure failure – all great achievements take hard work. Do not be afraid of the word ‘failure’. It should not define you.

The impossible is temporary.

Start by doing the possible and soon you will be achieving the impossible. Pursue and persist until you achieve. Earth’s gravity is strong, but not strong enough to hold our imaginations. Don’t back away from criticism. If you don’t have critics, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Getting on the bus.

If a person or organisation is going the same direction as we hope to, when they invite us to join in or participate their events we just need to “get on the bus” and great things happen. Dare mighty things and go forward.

The big picture.

We have a ‘dark veil of ignorance over what humanity does not know’. To lift that veil – our lives should be spent advancing the human condition for ALL people across the whole world.

Tom Nolan’s life is celebrated. We are all the richer for having been part of his world. In honour of his legacy, we should endeavour to be more like Tom Nolan every day. We strive for it. Humanity requires it. The world needs it.

Godspeed Tom Nolan.