Science@Sunset and into the stars

Just before this year’s National Science Week, NASA JPL scientists will be touching down in the Territory! Our speakers include Deb Brice who has been a Marine Science educator for more than 25 years and has worked with NASA JPL, NOAA and the National Science Foundation (to name a few) to enlighten us on Science

Future Space Scholar Competition

The inaugural Future Space Scholar competition being coordinated by the International Teenager Competition and Communication Centre (ITCCC). The ITCCC aims to introduce the best international resources to educate and develop youth by developing high quality education products. For years, ITCCC has worked with organisations managing international competitions for teenagers. We connect students with a multitude

Life in Ice

Exploring for life in deep ice on Earth and the Ocean Worlds of our Solar System. Presented by Mike Malaska Deep glacial ice is one of the most extreme environments on Earth, and yet life can survive. Without sunlight, in sub-freezing temperatures. What kinds of things live there? How do they survive? How do we

2019 Australian Small Business Champion Award

NATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS CHAMPION! One Giant Leap Australia from South Windsor has been named Champion Educational Services at the Australian Small Business Champion Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony held on Saturday 61h April at The Star – Sydney, with over 1,100 guests in attendance. The Australian Small Business Champion Awards is the only national recognition